Saturday, May 8, 2004

Open letter on C++ support coming real soon now...

I have to be honest, I asked for a lot of input from TeamB before posting this. The reason I asked for input was that this is such a touchy topic. Our loyal C++ customers are all in "show me" mode, and who can blame them for it? We promised the open letter on VCL support eons ago, and it hasn't come yet.

But now there's good news on the horizon. Finally. I don't know the exact details. Some TeamB members said that if I'm only going to say that it's still coming (the open letter) then there's no point. Others said it would be good to say at least something.

So here it is.

Robert Ehteshamzadeh (C++ QA) was of course right when he posted on the C++ newsgroups that an open letter on C++/VCL support is planned for next week. He said he's not sure of the content, but that several BCB issues are currently being addressed - as in staff is already working on fixes/features. That's all true.

Don't hold Robert to next week. But it is coming. It will come out as soon as possible. And the current plan is to publish it late next week. We know it's been a long time coming. We want to make sure it's right this time. The letter will be coming from the C++ core team, and not from the execs or the marketing department.

I've been talking to John Ray Thomas (C++ product manager) about this for quite some time, ever since it was first promised actually, and believe me, he wants this to be right.

So, in spirit of the new Borland policy and openness, the open letter is currently being written by John Ray Thomas. It will be reviewed by the C++ core team next week, and posted for your information as soon as possible. I will keep you posted on it's progress. Hopefully J.T. will let me share some juicy details even before it's ready. ;)

Well, anyway, there you have it. There is finally some good news on the horizon. Real Soon Now.

Thanks for still being a loyal Borland C++ customer.

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