Thursday, May 13, 2004

More on advertising

Allen comments on ads

I agree with Allen that they of course can offset free with advertising, and if I pay I get rid of the ads. That's great!

However, this wasn't what I agreed to when I started using their free service. You can argue that services change over time. Of course they do.

BUT, how about notifying me before this happens? They have my contact information! If I had received a notification about this before it happened I would gladly have shelled out some cash for the service. Or, if I didn't agree to the terms, I would have had time to react.

Instead it was simply injected into my RSS feed, with no notice anywhere to be found on their web pages.

This is the only thing I've found on the topic, and it was posted 12 hours after the advertising started.

And yes, a blogging solution for the BDN is being worked on. It'll be available as soon as possible. Nothing has changed in this respect.

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