Friday, April 7, 2006 C++ Builder Programming Contest: Use the C++Builder 2006 trial to WIN BIG!

The C++ Builder Programming Contest


C++ Builder Donationware Programming Contest at

Champaign-Urbana, Illinois - April 7, 2006: and Borland announced a donationware programming contest featuring Borland's C++ Builder Rapid Application Development tool for Microsoft Windows.

The contest runs for approximately three months, from April 10 to July 14.

Over $15,000 in programming-related prizes will be awarded, including Enterprise and Professional editions of C++ Builder.

Programs will be judged in a variety of categories including small utilities, academic tools, web applications, and more. Judging will be by members of Borland and, with public participation.

Winning programs will be prominently spotlighted on the website and be made available to the public as donationware. All donations will go directly to the original authors.

Contest website:

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