Thursday, May 15, 2014

Why is it so hard to find Delphi developers?

Delphi is fu^Hracking awesome! There's no question about that. Sure, it could always get better, but it says something that WideOrbit has a very successful application (or three) written in Delphi. Managing billions of dollars... OMG, did he just say the F-word? ;)

But why is it so hard to find Delphi developers in the US?

I know for a fact that there are lots of active Delphi developers in the US.

Are Delphi developers totally happy in their jobs? Well paid, not wanting to move. Settled down with the best job and tool around?

Are Delphi developers in general heads down in code all day and not on LinkedIn, FaceBook, Twitter? Some maybe, but far from all, and the ones that are won't respond to this post anyway... ;)

Or is there another reason? Am I spamming people too much with open Delphi reqs? :)

Do you have a Delphi project? What's your recruiting secret? (like you'll tell me) ;)

Thanks, and make it a great Delphi day,

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Calling all US based Delphi Developers willing and able to work in Hoover, AL!

WideOrbit has THREE open reqs for Delphi Developers in Hoover, AL at this point in time.

Shoot me an email with your resume - if you're interested, and I'll walk it over to the right people.