Tuesday, October 22, 2013

WideOrbit is hiring for lots of positions!

WideOrbit is hiring for the following positions at this time:

  • Software Developer – Delphi – Software Developer with 3+ years in Delphi. Must be based in SF or Lynnwood
  • Software Developer - Java – Solid backend Java experience. Must be based in Coppell.   
  • Software Developer -  C# -  2+ years in .Net development. Must be located in Lynnwood or NY.
  • Software Developer – Javascript Software Developer – PHP – Front end and back end PHP experience. Must be based in SF or Lynnwood.
  • Sr Software Developer – Java – Senior/Lead level development experience.  Must be based in Coppell

  • Business Analyst – WO Central 3+ years as a true business analyst – industry experience a plus but not required. Can be based in SF, Lynnwood or Hoover.
  • Data Analyst – 3+ years of experience in business intelligence and SQL. Must be based in SF.
  • Early Adopter Specialist – WO Media Sales1+ year of experience on WO Media Sales. Preferably based in Hoover. If not, should be based in another WideOrbit office.
  • Product Support SpecialistWO Media Sales 2+ years of experience in customer service or technical support or advertising/broadcasting industry.
  • QA Engineer -  4+ years of experience testing software. Must be based in Coppell/Dallas.
  • Release Engineer 3+ years of solid Desktop Support experience, SQL experience a plus.  Must be in San Francisco.
  • Revenue Accountant – 5+ years of experience in accounting. Experience analyzing contracts is required.

Send me your resume (aohlsson at wideorbit dot com) and I will make sure it ends up with the right people.


Saturday, October 5, 2013

WideOrbit is hiring Delphi, C# and Java and JavaScript developers!

We have quite a few positions open in CA, WA, TX and AL. We have open positions for Delphi, C#, Java and JavaScripts developers.

Send me your resume (aohlsson at wideorbit dot com) and I will make sure it ends up with the right people. Must be able to work in the US. Telecommuting may be an option for some positions.

Thanks, and best of luck!

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