Friday, November 30, 2012

MVP Nuggets #1

In "MVP Nuggets" I will be highlighting things that some of our MVPs have done in the last week or so.

Luciano Pimento wrote a tips and tricks article about improving performance and maintenance of your client/server applications.

Marcos Antonio Moreira did a Delphi multi-platform lecture at a university. He also did a University TV interview ahead of his talk. He blogs about it here.

Pedro Bento published an article "Introduction to Generics in Delphi" in Active Delphi (print magazine). His blog post.

Zarko Gajic wrote an article on "Creating, Parsing and Manipulating XML Documents with Delphi"

Juan Antonio Castillo wrote an article "Creating stylish applications in Delphi"

Alexander Bozhko celebrates the 3 year anniversary of DelphiFeeds.RU

Vladislav Bajenov writes about how to work with email attachements in Delphi

Nick Hodges writes about "Why You Should Choose Delphi"

Thanks to all active MVPs, and I look forward to highlighting more next time!

CodeRage 7 for C++ takes place December 10-12. Don't miss it.

CodeRage 7 for C++ takes place December 10-12. Don't miss it. It will be 3 days totally dedicated to C++!

Don't miss the special session with Bjarne Stroustrup. Much more details in David I's blog post here.

Register for CodeRage 7 for C++ now.

David I posted a great blog post on Embarcadero's continued commitment to C, C99 and C++ here.


EKON16 and Mobile Studio

This post is a little late. My apologies. :)

I had the great honor of keynoting at EKON16 in Dusseldorf earlier in November. I presented RAD Studio XE3 and our RAD Studio road map.

I also did a well attended session "What's Cooking in the Labs". I gave a sneak preview of Mobile Studio for about 45 minutes and showed where we're going with it. I showed the seamless integration of writing your code, designing your UI, debugging and deploying your app. I showed our use of some native controls, like the the date picker for selecting dates and even custom pickers (TComboBox in Delphi). I showed our native use of the notification dialog for ShowMessage instead of a custom window as before.

Mobile Studio is going to be very cool.

Thanks to the EKON16 crew in Germany!