Saturday, May 29, 2004

Cool R/C stuff

Just in case you haven't seen it yet...

Michael Swindell found this stalling airplane. Having the plane stall, balancing into the wind, mere feet away from your face is pretty damn cool. It's a good 9 minute drool. The music ain't bad either :)

Then there's the larger scale models... Allen Bauer found this 300lbs B-52, but it appears they had bandwidth problems... I didn't get to see it... *sniff*

Friday, May 28, 2004

Spammer sentenced to 7 years in prison

Excellent! Finally some justice!

But he only got 0.26 seconds of prison time per spam he sent.

Hopefully they make him eat his own diet - spam... ;-)

"A man who sent 850 million junk e-mails through accounts he opened with stolen identities was sentenced to up to seven years in prison on Thursday."

CRN article

Thursday, May 27, 2004

Eyes on the ball

"Will Borland ever officially support the Mono platform?" "Or is there a clause in the Microsoft Framework distribution which makes it legally tricky?"

See what Danny has to say about it

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

PC Pro: Borland's new model of Togetherness boosts .Net development

'Many forward-looking companies are already on-board with Microsoft .NET for the competitive edge it offers, but they face an increasingly complex application development environment,' said Raaj Shinde, general manager for the Borland Together Business Unit. 'Modelling is playing a key role [in reducing these development risks]. Together Edition for Visual Studio was the first advanced modelling environment to exist for .NET technologies, and we're now building on its success to bring more affordable modelling to the masses.'

PC Pro article

My note: $199! Can you afford *not* to buy it? ;-)

Anders Hejslberg stops by to check out Together for Visual Studio .NET

John Kaster impresses Anders Hejlsberg with TVS 2.0

The obligatory photo op! Thanks for stopping by, Anders!

You know you've watched too much TV...

...when your hotel TV crashes and says that the server is too busy...

If I hadn't taken this photo, I'd probably think it was a bad alcohol induced dream... ;-)

Photos from TechEd 2004 San Diego

The Borland booth was packed with folks on Monday!

Dale Fuller (CEO Borland) and Jeffrey McManus (Sr Mgr Platform Evangelism EBay)

Borland Teams Up with eBay and PayPal To Expand Developer Opportunities

SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 26, 2004-- At this week's Microsoft Conference, eBay and Borland Software Corporation (Nasdaq:BORL - News) announced a new relationship that will provide Borland developers with access to tools and resources for creating Web services applications for the eBay and PayPal platforms and communities.

"We are pleased to team up with Borland, which has one of the industry's strongest developer communities for Microsoft Windows and .NET," said Randy Ching, vice president, eBay Platform Solutions. "With access to the eBay and PayPal SDKs, Delphi developers will have new opportunities to innovate on today's leading Web services platforms."

Press Release

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

TechEd: Borland to encourage developer use of eBay SDKs

"Borland Software Corp. has entered into a cross-marketing agreement with eBay Inc. to promote software development kits (SDKs) from eBay and its PayPal unit among Borland developers, the companies plan to announce Wednesday at Microsoft Corp.'s Tech Ed event in San Diego."

"As part of Wednesday's agreement, the Borland, PayPal and eBay Web sites will feature information, resources, tutorials, code samples and tools to encourage Delphi developers to learn about and use the PayPal and eBay SDKs, officials said. In addition to that, the SDKs will be bundled with the next major Delphi upgrade, they said."

ITworld article

Monday, May 24, 2004

Borland wins 3rd Annual People's Choice Awards 2004

Kevin James, VP of Sales & Marketing with, presented us with the awards today at the booth here at TechEd 2004 in San Diego.

Delphi 8 for .NET won in the IDE category, and Together for Visual Studio for .NET 2.0 won the modeling category. We got two nice certificates to hang on the wall, plus this great award as a company.

Kevin James presents me with the award on Borland's behalf.

It's been a great day here at TechEd. Lots and lots of people coming by to check out all of our ALM tools. Lots of interest in TVS 2.0, which is awesome!

Microsoft to demo integration between Visual Studio 2005 Team System and Borland CaliberRM

SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 24, 2004-- Borland Software Corporation (Nasdaq:BORL - News) today presented alongside Microsoft and leading global systems integrators a Microsoft road map for delivering the Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System. The Visual Studio 2005 Team System will provide a set of best practices, prescriptive architecture guidance and integrated tools designed to enable IT organizations to successfully build and deploy custom solutions for the Windows Server System.

"Microsoft is pleased that Borland is supporting the Visual Studio 2005 Team System," said Rick LaPlante, general manager of the Visual Studio Product Group at Microsoft Corp. "With the support of Borland CaliberRM, our mutual customers will be better prepared to manage an application throughout its entire lifecycle."

Press Release

Come see TVS 2.0 at TechEd today

SAN DIEGO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 24, 2004-- Borland Software (Nasdaq:BORL - News) today announced the second release of Borland® Together® Edition for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, a complete design and modeling tool for developers. This new release offers additional support for the extensive Microsoft developer community and provides developers and architects with an easier and more cost effective way to collaborate, model and create software so that it better aligns with business requirements.

"Microsoft is pleased that Borland is integrating its Together solution with Visual Studio .NET and that Borland continues to work with Microsoft to advance the modeling capabilities of Borland Together Edition," said John Montgomery, director in the .NET Developer Product Management Group at Microsoft Corp. "As .NET technologies continue to gain traction in the enterprise, Borland is providing our mutual customers with an important step in managing the lifecycle of an application."

Press Release

Saturday, May 22, 2004

Together for Visual Studio .NET version 2.0

Looks like our corporate web page has a new product on it! Excellent!

Come see Together for Visual Studio .NET version 2.0 in action at Microsoft TechEd 2004 in San Diego next week!

Borland® Together® Edition for Microsoft® Visual Studio® .NET, Version 2 speeds the application development lifecycle by tightly integrating the Visual Studio .NET environment with a solution built to visually model software, reduce the modeling learning curve, and improve code quality.

New in version 2.0:

* Roundtrip engineering for Visual Basic .NET projects
* Audits for C# projects
* Support for Rename and Extract refactoring

For more information on Together for Visual Studio .NET version 2.0 check out these links:

Technical Overview of TVS 2.0 (PDF)
Together for Visual Studio .NET home page

Friday, May 21, 2004

Turbo C++ 4.5 Quick Tour posted

A scanned version of the Turbo C++ 4.5 Quick Tour has been posted.

Turbo C++ Suite home page

IDC recommends Janeva for .NET/J2EE/CORBA interop

Great quotes from the IDC Insight report:

"Borland Janeva provides seamless connectivity between Microsoft .NET applications and the J2EE and CORBA infrastructures."

"Borland Janeva is a proven and effective technology for solving the interoperability issues between J2EE and .NET."

"Borland’s Janeva is letting customers solve the interoperability problem today and allowing them to create heterogeneous environments that capitalize on the benefits of both platforms as well as their investments in CORBA and COM technologies. This Insight summarizes the current situation and provides a brief review of the key features of Borland’s Janeva."

Danny continues to make headlines!

"Will giving customers a little inside information keep them loyal or let them take advantage of you? The immediacy and interaction of blogs have caught the imagination of employees who want to talk about their work with peers, customers and anyone who's interested."

Guardian: Inside track

DevRel at TechEd next week

We'll be at Microsoft TechEd in San Diego Monday through Thursday next week. Come see us in the booth. You never know what cool stuff you'll learn!

TechEd 2004 San Diego
BDN article

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Most impressive flying I've ever seen

Flying an R/C helicopter is hard. Very hard. Not to mention that if you screw up, you can actually kill someone with the pieces that fly off.

I've never even seen one being flown before. But after seeing this video, I think I've seen one of the masters, if not the master. What this guy does with his R/C helicopter is just simply amazing.

At one point he actually has it upside down on the ground, balancing on the rotor! (time 03:30)

Incredible R/C choppering

You think it's easy? (I got 500 points before I died - on the 4th try)

Delphi 8 is Free

Yes. That's right. You didn't misread the title.

I was inspired by a combination of Nick and Julian and their recent bloggings.

These little blog wars are entertaining, aren't they.

So, anyway. Delphi 8 is free if you consider ROI. Meaning that you're more productive with Delphi 8 than any with any of it's competition, so that it pays for itself.

Speaking of which, there's actually going to be a case study at BorCon 2004 in San Jose entitled "Why JBuilder Enterprise is free". It's an excercise in ROI (Return On Investment).

Back to the blog wars!

OMG! Is this blog dead?

What? No posts in two days? Did Anders kill his blog?

No, he didn't. He just took Sunday and Monday to celebrate "Syttende Mai".

Oh wait, that's a Norwegian holiday. So that can't be it.

Ah, yes, it was his anniversary.

So there, the blog isn't dead. It's still breathing.


Saturday, May 15, 2004

Energizer bunny

If you have kids, I'm sure you're like me in this respect. You go through bazillions of batteries. Until you realize that raiding Costco every other weekend just for batteries just doesn't cut it anymore.

No more batteries for me (yeah, right). This guy in Hawaii sells rechargeables cheaper than normal batteries in some stores. My best EBay experience by far.

Other people want $2 per cell, which is not too bad either, considering you can pay up to $4 per cell in the store.

Anyway, this is just my way of saying thanks again, Sheung!

Friday, May 14, 2004

RSS feeds now ad free!

I'm happy to announce that I have made a deal with Ovi Crisan of which keeps our feeds ad free, and adds him as a happy Borland customer!

If you refresh your feed readers you will notice that my RSS feed is ad free, as well as Allen's and Danny's. Michael's will soon be ad free as well - he just created his profile on so that Ovi can mark it as a paid profile.

Thanks Ovi, and have fun with the stuff I sent!

Thursday, May 13, 2004

More on advertising

Allen comments on ads

I agree with Allen that they of course can offset free with advertising, and if I pay I get rid of the ads. That's great!

However, this wasn't what I agreed to when I started using their free service. You can argue that services change over time. Of course they do.

BUT, how about notifying me before this happens? They have my contact information! If I had received a notification about this before it happened I would gladly have shelled out some cash for the service. Or, if I didn't agree to the terms, I would have had time to react.

Instead it was simply injected into my RSS feed, with no notice anywhere to be found on their web pages.

This is the only thing I've found on the topic, and it was posted 12 hours after the advertising started.

And yes, a blogging solution for the BDN is being worked on. It'll be available as soon as possible. Nothing has changed in this respect.

David Orriss Jr (TeamB) joins the blogging party!

Rock on dude!

Technology, technology and a bit more technology

Kick the Chair!

This fan made MegaDeth video rocks!

Kick the Chair: Unoffical Tribute Video

Wednesday, May 12, 2004 spamming my feed?

OK... It looks like all RSS feeds are getting spammed with advertising.

It's in mine, Michael's, Danny's and Allen's RSS feeds now.

I can't find any info on Anybody got any clues?

Any alternatives to out there?

I'm certainly not subscribing to what they're doing with my feed.

Great ECO info

I was just pinged by Anthony Richardson. He sent me an email and told me that Malcolm Groves has been putting some great ECO stuff in his blog.

Keep up the good work, Mal!

Malcolm's blog on ECO

Now I'll go read all this great stuff and learn a thing or two.

Resolving size mismatch exceptions with the Delphi 7.1 update

While I was in meetings more or less all day, John was working. Here's all the dirt on what we're doing on resolving this issue.

BDN article

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Michael Swindell's blog is now officially live


Michael Swindell's blog

Welcome, Michael!

Exciting tidbits of C++ information

Kenneth de Camargo: "Could be BCX, though. And no fixes for BCB."
Robert Ehteshamzadeh: "BCB means VCL with a snappy IDE written in native code, and IDE extensions are written in C++ or Pascal, not Java."

Des O'Toole: "Could be a development of BCB6 or 'that other' VCL package [my note: Delphi]."
Robert Ehteshamzadeh: "...VCL is back in vogue."

Tom Boser: "Bring C++Builder up to the Delphi level when the next major version of Delphi for Win32 comes out."
Robert Ehteshamzadeh: "That is the current plan."

PS: As soon as we get a company wide blogging system (real soon now), I'm sure Robert will start his own blog.


ActionBands update

Steve Trefethen has updated and clarified the reasons why his ActionBands fixes are not in the D7.1 update. Instead you can download an updated ActionBands update from Steve's site.

Monday, May 10, 2004

All about your credit score

Staying on top of your credit score is always a good idea. Here is a good article I ran across last night.

5 Tips: Understanding your credit score

Sunday, May 9, 2004

$1.93 per gallon - I wish...

Pump prices jump a dime to $1.93

I paid $3.03 today at a tiny Chevron station in Big Sur. Yeah, they rip you off when you're in the middle of nowhere admiring the view. That's why I only bought a gallon and a half to get me back to Scotts Valley. ;-)

Got some liver pate in Solvang too. Yum!

And some really decent Havarti cheese. Not that weak wimpy stuff.

I wish they would have had the stuff that sweats and burst into flames by itself though.


Saturday, May 8, 2004

Open letter on C++ support coming real soon now...

I have to be honest, I asked for a lot of input from TeamB before posting this. The reason I asked for input was that this is such a touchy topic. Our loyal C++ customers are all in "show me" mode, and who can blame them for it? We promised the open letter on VCL support eons ago, and it hasn't come yet.

But now there's good news on the horizon. Finally. I don't know the exact details. Some TeamB members said that if I'm only going to say that it's still coming (the open letter) then there's no point. Others said it would be good to say at least something.

So here it is.

Robert Ehteshamzadeh (C++ QA) was of course right when he posted on the C++ newsgroups that an open letter on C++/VCL support is planned for next week. He said he's not sure of the content, but that several BCB issues are currently being addressed - as in staff is already working on fixes/features. That's all true.

Don't hold Robert to next week. But it is coming. It will come out as soon as possible. And the current plan is to publish it late next week. We know it's been a long time coming. We want to make sure it's right this time. The letter will be coming from the C++ core team, and not from the execs or the marketing department.

I've been talking to John Ray Thomas (C++ product manager) about this for quite some time, ever since it was first promised actually, and believe me, he wants this to be right.

So, in spirit of the new Borland policy and openness, the open letter is currently being written by John Ray Thomas. It will be reviewed by the C++ core team next week, and posted for your information as soon as possible. I will keep you posted on it's progress. Hopefully J.T. will let me share some juicy details even before it's ready. ;)

Well, anyway, there you have it. There is finally some good news on the horizon. Real Soon Now.

Thanks for still being a loyal Borland C++ customer.

Friday, May 7, 2004

We're almost winning! Help us solidify the lead!

We're just a few votes away from winning this award. Your vote definitely counts!

Only a week and a half to go. Thanks a million in advance!

BabelCode - C# to Delphi

Read the story of building a web service that uses the C#Builder and Delphi for .NET CodeDOMs to instantly convert C# code samples to Delphi code.

Starring Corbin Dunn and John Kaster.

The Tale of the Two CodeDOMs (2004) starring Corbin Dunn and John Kaster

Nik's new ride

I bought this thing from a co-worker who's getting out of R/C. It was my chance to get in cheap, and leave the $20 crappy rigs behind. This thing isn't a national racing monster by any means, but for $50 it does just fine by me and Nik.

The paint job is courtesy of John Frazier, a co-worker and great guy. You probably know him as the "TeamB Cat Herder" or the newsgroup admin, or maybe even your favorite JBuilder support guy!

The truck was completely unpainted (transparent plastic body) when I bought it on Monday, and Fraz pulled out his magic spray gun and laid down an awesome coat of paint.

Fraz also donated a whole bunch of tires - now it sticks like glue!

Some actions movies, you say? Sure!

Fraz doing some rock climbing
Dirt and trees

Man, what have I done... This is going to be an expensive habit...


Hello ClueTrain!

"Borland's new communication directive is clear and simple: Get the word out. Don't worry about screwing up. Mistakes will be made. Be ready for them, correct them, and move on. Use common sense and good judgment on what to discuss and not discuss. Don't wait for permission."

Read more in Danny's latest post

"Seriously. The idea that the senior leadership is encouraging blogging is a radical shift in policy and tactics."

Nick Hodges gets blown away

BTW, Danny, congratulations on the promotion!

This is great stuff!

Beta 1 Mono 1.90

Novell has released Beta 1 of Mono 1.90.

CRN article

Thursday, May 6, 2004

Tuesday, May 4, 2004

Delphi 7.1 Update README

The only difference between this one and the one that Malcolm has, is most likely that this one is hyperlinked for all QC entries.

Once everything is final, the update will be downloadable for registered users, and a BDN article will be made public.

The timeline for this is roughly by the end of this week. But don't quote me on that just in case it takes a day or two longer. ;-)


Delphi 7.1 Update
Release Notes


This file contains important supplemental and late-breaking
information that may not appear in the main product
documentation, and supersedes information contained in other
documents, including previously installed release notes.
Borland recommends that you read this file in its entirety.

NOTE: If you are updating a localized version of Delphi 7,
visit the Borland Registered User web site to obtain a
localized readme file that may contain important late-
breaking information not included in this readme file.

IMPORTANT: Delphi must be closed before installing this



- dbExpress



* This update can not be applied to Delphi 7 Architect Trial

* This update can not be removed after it is installed.

* You will need the original Delphi 7 installation CD available
to install this update.

* To install this update from the CD, insert the CD, and launch
the d7_ent_upd1.exe file appropriate for your locale.

* To install this update from the Web, double-click the
self-executing installation file and follow the prompts.

* The Delphi 7 documentation PDF files are available on
the update CD.



* This update can be applied only to the English version of
Delphi 7. There are separate updates for the German, French
and Japanese versions of Delphi 7.

* This update provides new localized versions of the SqlConst
files. After installing the update, backup and delete the
following files from the Delphi 7 installation folder:


and then remove the appropriate locale extension (.de, .fr, or
.jp) from the new SqlConst files in the same folders. For
example, for the French version of Delphi, rename to SqlConst.dcu.



* dbExpress driver - After installing this update, the
dbxdrivers.ini file will not contain an entry for MSSQL=1. If
you require that entry, please edit the ini file manually
after installing the update. By default, dbxdrivers.ini is
located at C:\Program Files\Common Files\Borland

* If you have updated any Borland packages in the system32
directory with unofficial patches or updates from CodeCentral,
MSI might revert (auto-repair) those packages to their
previous version during installation of this update.
Therefore, after installing this update, you may need to
re-install unofficial patches or updates.

* Due to a Windows Help engine limitation on Windows 98 and
Millennium, the Help system Index tab will be empty if the
index exceeds 32,767 keywords.

If you encounter an empty Help Index tab after installing this
update, open the d7.ohi file in the Delphi7\Help folder and
comment out one or more of the index entries by changing the
colon in column one to a semi-colon, as shown here:

;Index Open Tools API (IOTA)=d7iota.hlp

Save the d7.ohi file and delete any hidden *.GID files in your
Delphi7/Help folder before restarting the Help.

This modification reduces the number of index keywords, but
does not affect other Help system functionality, such as
cross-file linking or F1 accessibility.



This readme lists the maintenance for all editions of Delphi 7;
not all of the features mentioned in this file are available in
all editions of the product.

This update resolves the following issues:


* Using the up/down arrow keys to navigate and select items from
the Code Completion window sometimes skips items (Quality
Central 2875).

* In the Project Manager, units are incorrectly displayed in the
order that they are listed in the USES clause, rather than

* Using collections containing component references and form
inheritance can result in incorrect references being stored in
the dfm file.



* TFMTBCDField initializes to size 8 instead of size 4, allowing
the system to initialize precision to 7 and size to 8
(Quality Central 5938).

* Using a TDBLookupComboBox to display a list of data given
by a detail TQuery results in the error "Field '' not found"
(Quality Central 5384 and 4823).

* TDBRadioGroup maintains its focus on the most recently
selected item, even after an edit has been canceled
(Quality Central 2109).



* After deleting a row from a TClientDataset, sometimes the
delta dataset still contains a record. This happens if you
populate the Nested Dataset field before populating another
field that precedes it in the field order.

* The TClientDataSet.ApplyUpdates method fails if the dataset
contains only changes to fields that have the
ProviderFlags.pfnUpdate property set to False
(Quality Central 2338).

* TClientDataSet does not order correctly on a TLargeIntField
when used in an index or in the IndexFieldNames property
(Quality Central 1050 & 2626)

* TAggregateField returns an incorrect value after a
filter was used and then cleared (Quality Central 1712).

* A "Key violation" exception may incorrectly be generated
when using poFetchDetailsOnDemand with a nested dataset that
also has an InternalCalc field (Quality Central 2011).

* TClientDataSet may contain invalid Delta entries when using
poPropogateChanges. (Quality Central 2019 & 2333).

* Editing the value of an InternalCalc field on a nested
TClientDataset causes the ChangeCount property of the
parent dataset to increase (Quality Central 2027).

* A TLargeIntField cannot be used as a linking field in a
master/detail relationship. Doing so results in the
error "Cannot access field as type variant."

* TClientDataSet doesn't save data to file when FileName is
set and there is no existing file on disk
(Quality Central 2307).

* Using the Delphi 7 version of midas.dll to open an XML file
that was saved with the Delphi 6 version of midas.dll results
in an illegal operation.

* Incorrect filter expression parsing occurs when parsing a
value that contains a quote in TClientDataSet. The expression
parser incorrectly treats the rest of the expression as a
formula (Quality Central 1266).

* TClientDataSet.ChangeCount will return an incorrect value
when editing the value of a TStringField or a
TWideStringField and then reverting it to the original value
(Quality Central 2717 & 4508).

* Canceling an update to an individual field by assigning the
"unassigned" (varEmpty) value to TField.NewValue in the
TDataSetProvider.BeforeUpdateRecord event handler does not
work (Quality Central 3660).

* TClientDataset InternalCalc fields are reset to null after
calling the ApplyUpdates method when using
poPropogateChanges (Quality Central 3777).

* When using incremental fetching on a TClientDataset with
parameters, the associated TDatasetProvider will repeatedly
return the same set of records (Quality Central 3515).

* TClientDataset.FindKey will fail with an list index error
when used on a cloned nested dataset (Quality Central 3786).

* When the size of a Persistent field in TClientDataSet is set
too large, it overwrites neighboring fields upon Post
(Quality Central 3974).

* TDataSetProvider generates incorrect SQL in response to a
RefreshRecord request in some cases and fails to update
all fields properly (Quality Central 4014).

* When TDataSetProvider obtains the DB 'current' values
after an update conflict, it does so against the wrong
fields (Quality Central 4006).

* TClientDataSet.Delete fails with the error "Cannot
delete master record with details" even when all of the
details are deleted if the detail table was previously
cloned (Quality Central 5646).

* In some cases, records may disappear from a nested
TClientDataset after performing edits, applying updates
and calling refresh (Quality Central 7287).

* When multiple indexes are included with the data from a
provider, the IndexDef entries in the TClientDataset
will show duplicate 'Fields' and 'DescFields' values
(Quality Central 7543).

* When updating blob fields in a TClientDataset with the
LogChanges property set to False, blob data is lost
from other unrelated records (Quality Central 6591).

* Using a Filter or Locate with a TLargeIntField on a
TClientDataSet will always fail with the error
"Constant is not correct type".
(Quality Central 6142 & 3496).

* Calling the CancelRange method on nested TClientDataset
will cause all records for every master record to be
displayed (Quality Central 4301).

* When using RefreshRecord on a Memo or Blobfield and the field
has been modified by another user, the blobsize of that field
does not change if it is less than before (Quality Central 4676).

* Calling the TClientDataset.Locate method on a TWordField
always returns false (Quality Central 5319).

* Using the TDataSetProvider poFetchDetailsOnDemand option
with a server-side master/detail definition (nested dataset
on the client side) raises an exception when the master
TClientDataset is opened (Quality Central 5707).

* TClientDataset may create an incorrect delta when inserting
new master and detail records and then editing the same
master record a second time (Quality Central 6849).

* The assignment of a LargeInt field to another LargeInt field
fails when the destination and source are both TLargeIntFields
(Quality Central 6393).

* When Params are passed from a TClientDataSet to a
TDatasetProvider, the Size,Precision, and NumericScale property
settings are lost (Quality Central 6308).

* TClientDataSet allocates values against nested dataset
AutoInc fields but it should not (Quality Central 5509).

* When using a TimeStamp type parameter with a TClientDataSet an
error occurs when the parameter is passed to the server
(Quality Central 6372).

* Setting MTSDataModule.AutoComplete to False in the IDE is
overridden and set back to True at run time (Quality Central

* Calls to ApplyUpdates(-1) on a TMTSDataModule do not work
properly (Quality Central 6906).


DBGO (ADO Components)

* Using TParameter.Assign(TParam) or TParam.Assign(TParameter)
causes incorrect settings of the Size, NumericScale, and
Precision properties (Quality Central 6366).

* When values in persistent TMemoFields are returned after
reading a row of a TADOTable, the values are truncated at the
first occurrence of #0 (Quality Central 2771).

* When using TADOQuery to get a result set from a SQL query, the
SQL statement gets prepared but never gets unprepared
Quality Central 3635).

* With a query, when using cursorType set to ctOpenForwardOnly
and cursorLocation set to clUseServer, the "First" method will
move the cursor position to the second record (Quality Central

* Setting the value of a TLargeInt field to a negative value in
an ADODataSet and calling Post results in the error "Multiple-
step operation generated errors. Check each status value"
(Quality Central 2106).

* When using a SQL Server 2000 table with a BigInt or decimal
columns, negative values are incorrectly returned as positive
values by ADO components (Quality Central 2379 & 998).



* When including the line delimiter ";" at the end of a select
statement in TSQLQuery, then using the query and a
TDataProvider to give data to a CDS, you cannot apply updates
without encountering a the syntax error "Token unknown."

* Updating on a TSQLQuery with either a WHERE clause or when
adding a delimiter ";" results in the error "Unable to find
record, no key specified."

* When using TSQLConnection and TSimpleDataSet to access a MySQL
database, it is impossible to add new records to a table that
has an auto-increment primary key (Quality Central 5465).

* When using the MySql driver, erroneous state information about
the number of active statements with respect to a
TSQLConnection might result in a transaction starting on one
connection and a commit or rollback happening on another
connection (Quality Central 1074).

* Updating on TSQLQuery with either a WHERE clause or when adding a
delimiter ";" results in the error "Unable to find record, no
key specified" (Quality Central 5550).

* When using TSQLQuery to add calculated fields, OnCalcFields
fails on the first record, because all of the fields in the
first record are empty after OnCalcFields is called (Quality
Central 1328).

* Calling TSQLConnection.getTableNames() to retrieve system
tables takes too long.

* Using TSQLConnection.CloneConnection may result in the loss of
the TableScope status for a new connection (Quality Central



* DB2 V8 Support - Index Metadata retrieval: (Quality Central
4150) Querying for a table with a unique index fails with
"Cannot convert a variant of type (Null) to type (String)"

* DB2 V8 Support - Fetching a stored procedure parameter fails.

* MySQL 4.0.x support (Quality Central 3731).

* MySQL driver supports only the default Port (Quality Central 3736).

* MySQL SQLCommand.GetRowsAffected returns 0 on successful
updates (Quality Central 4504).

* MySQL TimeStamp comes back as NOT NULL always (Quality
Central 4689).

* MySQL metadata causing data truncation (Quality Central

* AV on SQLCommand.Close() in MySQL driver (Quality Central

* MySQL metadata is retrieved from wrong database (Quality
Central 4130).

* An MSSQL stored procedure with long names causes memory
corruption (Quality Central 3225).

* The MSSQL driver leaks resources on repeated SQL execution
(Quality Central 4059).

* MSSQL TimeStamp fraction part rounding error while fetching

* MSSQL - ExecDirect() does not return the RowsAffected.

* MSSQL return parameter is not available from a stored
procedure returning cursor/cursors (Quality Central 3763).

* An MSSQL stored procedure with no parameters causes memory

* An MSSQL stored procedure does not return @@IDENTITY after a
SP execution. The identity value is returned only on the third

* ORACLE Functions are now supported (Quality Central 4051).

* ORACLE SQLCommand.getParameter() always returns the NULL
indicator as True (Quality Central 4018).

* InterBase - Support for BOOLEAN data type has been added.



* MySQL - Data truncation resulted as the cursor level metadata
is incorrect. MySQLField.length is 1024 for the second columns
after describing the SQL "Show create table tablename". -
(Quality Central 1810)

* MSSQL - SubQuery parameter binding causes an AV in MSVCRT7.DLL
(Quality Central 2767) - MS bug. Case # SRX030728604937.

* MSSQL Null parameter binding on a NOT NULL INTEGER columns
fails with a SQL Error "SQL State:HY000, SQLError Code:0
Invalid input parameter values" - MS bug Case
#SRX030728605044. dbExpress MSSQL driver calls
IDBCommand.Prepare() and that seems to cause this bug in



dbExpress has been certified with the following database

InterBase 7.1 (*Driver should also work with InterBase 6.5, 7.0)
Oracle 9.1.0 (*Driver should also work with ORACLE 9.2.0)
DB2 UDB 8.x (*Driver should also work with DB2 V7)
MSSQL 2000
Informix 9.x
MySQL 4.0.18

* The driver should work with these database versions, however,
it has not been fully certified with these versions.



* Procedure TSockWebResponse.SendResponse contains code that
causes an incomplete response.



* On Windows 98 SE, registering an OLE-server on a a shared
mapped drive and then starting the program from a non-UNC path
drive results in an endless loop (Quality Central 3151).

* ShortToLongFileName fails on some UNC paths, which makes TComServer
fail when the executable is located on a remote computer
(Quality Central 3049).

* Additional methods begin with GhostMethod_ are added to
interface declarations which would not appear in Delphi 6
(Quality Central 3426).

* SetOlePicture distorts the target TPicture size (Quality
Central 4137).



* Assigning a partially empty multi-dimensional dynamic array to
a variant causes an access violation.

* Converting an empty dynamic array to a variant array results
in a non-empty variant array with the wrong bounds.

* Assert fails to break and leaves an FPU invalid op exception set
(Quality Central 5248).

* Under some circumstances, optimization causes an access
violation on a call to a dynamic + safecall method (Quality
Central 5071).



* In System.pas, function LoadResString(ResStringRec:
PResStringRec): string; has a hard-coded buffer of 1024
characters, which causes resource string table entries in
excess of 1023 characters to be truncated (Quality Central

* On Windows Server 2003, calls to SysUtils.GetEnvironmentVariable
fail with an access violation wHen the requested
environment variable does not exist (Quality Central 4319).

* When a variant array item is a string with embedded null
characters (#0), Delphi treats those items as null-terminated
strings when the string is assigned to an item of variant
array (Quality Central 6078).



* Context and keyword help does not fire for the OnHelp events.

* Selecting a zero length (empty) item in drop-down combo box
results in an access violation in ntdll.dll.

* Attempting to delete a single item from the TComboBoxEx ItemEx
list, that item and the next item are deleted (Quality Central

* Calling TBitmap.Assign(nil) may result in a GDI resource leak
(Quality Central 2511).

* TRegistry class leaks a register key handle if LazyWrite is set to

* THashedStringList ignores the NameValueSeparator property
(Quality Central 5632).

* In a DBCS environment, an exe filename that includes DBCS
characters often garbles Application.Title (Quality Central

* Menu items and images are sometimes drawn partially in black
on Windows XP systems that have themes disabled (Quality Central

* When the ValueListEditor Visible property is set to False, making
it visible and adding a string at runtime may cause an access
violation (Quality Central 4953).

* When connected to a network printer and the system hosting the
network printer is offline, Printer.PageWidth may cause an
access violation in GDI32.DLL (Quality Central 757).

* The OldCreateOrder property for a form that inherits from
another form is automatically set to True when the form is
saved (Quality Central 1675).

* When ending a Windows session (either by using Log Off or Shut
Down) while a VCL-based Delphi application is running, no
OnDestroy events on the application's forms are called, nor
are any finalization sections executed. This may result in
lost data and user settings (Quality Central 5332).



* SQLDatabaseConfig now contains settings for database evolution
scripts (separator, terminator and commands for transaction
start/commit). Logs can be saved from the evolution dialog
(Quality Central 4679).

* BoldSelectChangeAction in BoldComboBox is now triggered more
appropriately on incremental searches (Quality Central 2827).

* A potential infinite recursion problem in
TBoldUnOrderedIndexableList.KnowsSupportsNil has been fixed.

* An assert with side-effects in TBoldObjectList.GetBoldObject
has been changed. This affects debug dcus only.

* TBoldUMLModelValidator.ValidateClass no longer has a bad format
string for one error.

* TBoldDbDataValidator.Validate no longer validates without
running any tests when not connected to a database.

* DBDataValidation no longer fails on parent or child mapped

* Performance of XMI Import has been improved (Quality Central 2827) .

* XMI Export now correctly exports multiplicity 0..n.

* Transaction grouping in optimistic locking has been improved
by performing checks in the same transaction as the update
(Quality Central 3123).

* A memory leak in the Object Lending Library has been fixed
(Quality Central 3648).

* Several issues with BoldGrid and goTabs have been resolved
(Quality Central 3903 and 3904).

* Saving modified multilinks no longer yields an index out of
bounds condition under certain conditions (Quality Central

* BoldSystemDebuggerForm no longer yields an access violation on
the second invocation from a Bold Action (Quality Central

* Certain combinations of tableMapping=Child and abstract
classes have been improved (Quality Central 7110).

* The OCL operation includesAll no longer

Borland to Present at R W Baird's 2004 Growth Stock Conference

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 4, 2004--Borland Software Corporation (Nasdaq:BORL - News) today announced that Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Kenneth R. Hahn, is scheduled to deliver a presentation on behalf of the company at the R W Baird 2004 Growth Stock Conference at the Four Seasons Hotel in Chicago, Illinois. The presentation is scheduled for 10:15 a.m. Central Time, on Wednesday, May 5, 2004.

Press Release

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People have been asking for marketing stuff, including banner ads.

I'll add our own ad banners over here on the right below the archive links from time to time.

First up is Together for Visual Studio - a steal at $199.


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USB Devil Duckie

The yellow USB duckie wasn't cool enough for you? Well, then this one is for you.