Friday, May 7, 2004

Nik's new ride

I bought this thing from a co-worker who's getting out of R/C. It was my chance to get in cheap, and leave the $20 crappy rigs behind. This thing isn't a national racing monster by any means, but for $50 it does just fine by me and Nik.

The paint job is courtesy of John Frazier, a co-worker and great guy. You probably know him as the "TeamB Cat Herder" or the newsgroup admin, or maybe even your favorite JBuilder support guy!

The truck was completely unpainted (transparent plastic body) when I bought it on Monday, and Fraz pulled out his magic spray gun and laid down an awesome coat of paint.

Fraz also donated a whole bunch of tires - now it sticks like glue!

Some actions movies, you say? Sure!

Fraz doing some rock climbing
Dirt and trees

Man, what have I done... This is going to be an expensive habit...


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