Tuesday, August 10, 2010

RAD Studio XE Preview

We've posted the first in a series of previews of the upcoming RAD Studio XE. In the next couple of weeks we will be previewing some of the new features in the upcoming RAD Studio XE product which will include Delphi XE, C++Builder XE, Delphi Prism XE and RadPHP XE.

Also, on the same page, you can register for the upcoming "What's new in RAD Studio XE webinars".

Michael Rozlog (Product Manager for RAD Studio) goes into more details in his latest blog post.

Friday, June 4, 2010

We're hiring! We're growing!

This is a *VERY* Good Thing(TM)!

We're looking to fill the following positions at this time:

Please consider submitting your resume directly to me at aohlsson@embarcadero.com and I will get it to the right folks right away.

Thanks, and good luck!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

DataRage 2 - Virtual Conference - Call for Papers due April 20th

DataRage 2 is just around the corner - May 25-27, 2010!

The call for papers deadline is April 20th. Please send all abstract submissions directly to me by that date.

DataRage Highlights:

  • Check out more than 20 FREE technical sessions led by industry and Embarcadero product experts.

  • Hang out with other database professionals around the globe, working hard on the same technologies you do!

  • Gain knowledge about optimizing your use of the world’s leading database development and management tools from Embarcadero Technologies.

  • Enhance job skills by learning from your peers on their best tips, tricks and processes for database development and management.

So, block your calendars for May 25-27th, 2010 and come back to this site for registration and session details. This page will be updated frequently and serve as your “home” for the conference.

Stay tuned and we’ll see you in May!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Borland fans raise $26k for Haiti

"SCOTTS VALLEY -- Borland aficionados from all over the world contributed nearly $26,000 to a Haiti relief fund during an online auction of corporate memorabilia that involved items dating back to the early days of the former Scotts Valley software developer tools company."

Article in Santa Cruz Sentinel

Thanks to all who donated items, and thanks to everyone who bid, blogged, and participated in the auctions!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I blame Allen... MORE STUFF!!!

I can't help myself... I have to list the coolest items that people find...

Allen walks in to a meeting late yesterday afternoon and holds up a Delphi 1 box that he found in his office - he finally realized we're moving... :) :) :)

Anyway, he says "I'll sign it!"... OK, I'm sold... Here you go:

Delphi 1 autographed by Allen Bauer!

While we're at it, I blame myself as well. Deep inside a drawer I found a pristine BRICK of "Delphi Developers Do It Faster!" bumper stickers.

Just imagine what you could do with 50 stickers!!! I didn't actually count, the number of stickers is an estimate. Could be more, could be less... Judge for yourself in the picture at eBay.


Monday, February 22, 2010

Haitian Relief: Two more jackets listed

I found my slightly worn Borland Leather Jacket, and Lino Tadros is donating his brand new, never worn suede jacket. Both jackets are XXL.

All items currently being auctioned off here.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Update - Delphi 8 Arch on eBay contains Delphi 7 Arch as well

I saw nothing indicating it on the box, so I finally cut it open just to check exactly what's in there.

Delphi 8 Architect - includes Delphi 7 Architect

It's only fair to mention this. The last person who picked up Delphi 8 Architect (with Delphi 7 Architect) got it for a steal... ;)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Haitian Relief Auction Update - $7,292

38 items are on their way to the winning bidders. I can fill in customs forms in my sleep now. ;)

I just now realized I completely blew it... I didn't take a photo of the autographed $99 bumper sticker that I just mailed off... I'll have to ask the winner to send me a photo of it in a special place.

Anyway, there's some cool stuff coming real soon now...

Not to get too specific - you'll have to stay tuned - but they include autographed copies of Turbo Pascal 3 and Delphi!

Thanks for your support!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

I found TButton!!!

TButton with a bonus Backstage Pass - Buy It Now!

RAD enough for Delphi? Buy It Now!

Can you tell I'm testing if someone will hit the Buy It Now? ;)

Signed books, mouse, stickers, and more

I just added two signed books, Xavier Pacheco's and Steve Teixeira's "Delphi 2 Developer's Guide" (my copy) and Danny Thorpe's "Delphi Component Design" (Steve Trefethen's copy). Both books were signed by the authors.

I also added two floppy disk sets - Delphi 1, and BP7, David I's leather jacket and a Borland mouse.

Borland Memorabilia Auctions for Haitian Relief

Friday, February 5, 2010

Santa Cruz Sentinel article

"SCOTTS VALLEY -- If you are secretly pining over old Borland memorabilia -- the classic Pascal 3.0 software still in its original shrink wrap, a Borland varsity letter jacket once reserved for executives or a shiny yellow bumper sticker proclaiming that "Delphi Developers Do It Faster" -- this is your chance to bid in an unusual auction and have your purchase support recovery efforts in Haiti."

"Borland memorabilia auctioned for Haiti recovery" - Jennifer Pittman

Haitian Relief Auction Update - $3,582!

Borland Memorabilia Auctions for Haitian Relief

First wave of auctions (about 50) end this Sunday at 6pm PST.

Happy bidding!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Collector's Edition Borland Conference Button Set

Featured item:

Borland Conference Button Set

eBay Auction here - All proceeds go to Haitian Relief!

Haiti Relief: Championship Borland Softball

Chris Hesik, Delphi R&D, has donated a very special item that is now up for sale. All proceeds go to Haitian Relief.

SIGNED Borland Softball League Championship Softball!!!

This item represents a fairy tale ending to a company softball league.

Letter from Chris Hesik:

2000 Inprise Softball League Champions “Virtual Base”

Championship Game Signed Game Ball (and a receipt from the subsequent celebration at the Felton Round Table Pizza)

Date: 9/18/2000
Score: 23-15

After having played and lost to the Inprise Sales team several times during the season, no one thought that Virtual Base, made up of mostly Delphi and C++Builder R&D and QA Engineers, had much of a chance when the two teams met again in the League Championship game.  A strong first inning rally gave Virtual Base a large lead that lasted the entire game.

*Chris Hesik
*Allen Bauer
*Dave Wilhelm
*Spencer Kimball
*Jason Sprenger
*Michael Swindell
*Christine Ellis
Ramesh Theivendran
Terri Bartos
Jeff Peters
Ellie Peters
Kurt "Gator" Algayar
Karen Bauer
Kenn Ellis

*Current Embarcadero Employee

Great items JUST LISTED!!! For Haitian Relief.

Awesome new items listed!

New items include:

Delphi 1 - FIRST SHIP

Delphi 2 Standard - New In Box

Vintage Borland Quattro Pro Jacket

Vintage Borland OOP Jacket

Conference Button Set

And more!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Haitian Relief Auction Update - $1,884!

Total bid value has almost doubled in the last 24 hours!

I added a "special" auction - Bag-O-Stuff from my secret cabinet of SWAG!

Rumor has it that David I is cooking up a "lunch/dinner with David I anywhere in the world" kinda thing. ;)

Keep bidding, and supporting Haiti!


Sunday, January 31, 2010

Haiti Relief Auctions Online NOW!

We have lift off!

Happy bidding!

Pilot auctions net over $330 for Haitian Relief

The two 1-day auctions I ran yesterday netted over $330 for Haitian Relief.

Tonight at 6pm (in 8 hours) over 60 auctions (!) will come online and run for 7 days.

You can find the auctions here when they're live.

Thanks to all who participated in the pilot auctions. I caught one important thing that I had to do, which was making sure that my outgoing PayPal limit was waived (by verifying my credit card on file).

Stay tuned, and happy bidding over the next 7+ days!

Thanks for supporting the people of Haiti!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Pilot Haiti Relief Auctions Up Now

Just to make sure the auctions will work as I expect, I'm running TWO 1-day auctions that I just started.

Delphi 6 Enterprise FIRST SHIP and C++Builder 5 Enterprise FIRST SHIP

I know it's not the optimal notice or duration, I'm simply making sure the process works as it should.

Bid earlry and often, and remember, all the proceeds go directly to Haitian Relief.

Happy bidding :)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Haiti Relief Auction Update

Tomorrow afternoon volunteers will gather in a conference room to write titles, descriptions, etc for all the items that will go up for auction.

It is our goal to start the auctions at 6pm on Sunday January 31st, 2010 and run them until 6pm on Sunday February 7th, 2010.

A preview of some of the items. (now set up as an event)

Stay tuned!

Destroying data

When an old system needs to retire, it's important to make sure that data doesn't just walk away and land in the wrong hands.

I would recommend that you pay for a service or program that wipes your data and makes absolutely sure that it's gone forever.

In my case, I had an old laptop that had been sitting around forever. It was used at home, and it died a horrible death a while back - keyboard destruction by small child comes to mind. It never booted since whatever he did...

Anyway, house cleaning is a wonderful thing. I recycled the laptop, but yanked the hard drive.

Here's what my son and I decided to do. If you decide to do something similar, wear protective eye wear, and don't blame it on me. ;)

Compound bow:

Target acquired!

Perfectly good, and defenseless hard drive. Its only crime - hosting personal data:

Perfectly good hard drive

Post impact:

Perfectly (?) destroyed hard drive

Small bits of data, or shards of had drive:

Small bits of data... ;)

Data destruction accomplished in 70 micro seconds - that's the time it took the arrow to travel 1/4 inch through the hard drive.

Video of the destruction:

Enjoy! :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Borland Memorabilia Auction to Benefit Haitian Relief

We're planning on auction off a lot of Borland memorabilia shortly. People from around the office and even far away ex-employees are donating their stuff. It's all going up for auction to the highest bidder, and all proceeds will be going directly to Haitian Relief.

Check this page out, save the URL, and keep checking for updates.