Saturday, February 13, 2010

Update - Delphi 8 Arch on eBay contains Delphi 7 Arch as well

I saw nothing indicating it on the box, so I finally cut it open just to check exactly what's in there.

Delphi 8 Architect - includes Delphi 7 Architect

It's only fair to mention this. The last person who picked up Delphi 8 Architect (with Delphi 7 Architect) got it for a steal... ;)


  1. I could have told you - Mine came to good use (the included Delphi 7 Arch, that is). ;)

  2. Delphi 8?

    Put it back in the box.

  3. D8? The worst Delphi ever made??? Geeee.... It's creepy... ;-)

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