Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Haiti Relief: Championship Borland Softball

Chris Hesik, Delphi R&D, has donated a very special item that is now up for sale. All proceeds go to Haitian Relief.

SIGNED Borland Softball League Championship Softball!!!

This item represents a fairy tale ending to a company softball league.

Letter from Chris Hesik:

2000 Inprise Softball League Champions “Virtual Base”

Championship Game Signed Game Ball (and a receipt from the subsequent celebration at the Felton Round Table Pizza)

Date: 9/18/2000
Score: 23-15

After having played and lost to the Inprise Sales team several times during the season, no one thought that Virtual Base, made up of mostly Delphi and C++Builder R&D and QA Engineers, had much of a chance when the two teams met again in the League Championship game.  A strong first inning rally gave Virtual Base a large lead that lasted the entire game.

*Chris Hesik
*Allen Bauer
*Dave Wilhelm
*Spencer Kimball
*Jason Sprenger
*Michael Swindell
*Christine Ellis
Ramesh Theivendran
Terri Bartos
Jeff Peters
Ellie Peters
Kurt "Gator" Algayar
Karen Bauer
Kenn Ellis

*Current Embarcadero Employee


  1. Hi Leo, yeah me too... Every year I see my son play little league, I miss the softball league... :)

  2. Hehe, I recall that Softball league. Those were fun times. :)

  3. You should revive the softball league and enlist some of the "graduates of Borland University" to play. :)