Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Exciting tidbits of C++ information

Kenneth de Camargo: "Could be BCX, though. And no fixes for BCB."
Robert Ehteshamzadeh: "BCB means VCL with a snappy IDE written in native code, and IDE extensions are written in C++ or Pascal, not Java."

Des O'Toole: "Could be a development of BCB6 or 'that other' VCL package [my note: Delphi]."
Robert Ehteshamzadeh: "...VCL is back in vogue."

Tom Boser: "Bring C++Builder up to the Delphi level when the next major version of Delphi for Win32 comes out."
Robert Ehteshamzadeh: "That is the current plan."

PS: As soon as we get a company wide blogging system (real soon now), I'm sure Robert will start his own blog.


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