Friday, November 30, 2012

EKON16 and Mobile Studio

This post is a little late. My apologies. :)

I had the great honor of keynoting at EKON16 in Dusseldorf earlier in November. I presented RAD Studio XE3 and our RAD Studio road map.

I also did a well attended session "What's Cooking in the Labs". I gave a sneak preview of Mobile Studio for about 45 minutes and showed where we're going with it. I showed the seamless integration of writing your code, designing your UI, debugging and deploying your app. I showed our use of some native controls, like the the date picker for selecting dates and even custom pickers (TComboBox in Delphi). I showed our native use of the notification dialog for ShowMessage instead of a custom window as before.

Mobile Studio is going to be very cool.

Thanks to the EKON16 crew in Germany!


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