Tuesday, October 22, 2013

WideOrbit is hiring for lots of positions!

WideOrbit is hiring for the following positions at this time:

  • Software Developer – Delphi – Software Developer with 3+ years in Delphi. Must be based in SF or Lynnwood
  • Software Developer - Java – Solid backend Java experience. Must be based in Coppell.   
  • Software Developer -  C# -  2+ years in .Net development. Must be located in Lynnwood or NY.
  • Software Developer – Javascript Software Developer – PHP – Front end and back end PHP experience. Must be based in SF or Lynnwood.
  • Sr Software Developer – Java – Senior/Lead level development experience.  Must be based in Coppell

  • Business Analyst – WO Central 3+ years as a true business analyst – industry experience a plus but not required. Can be based in SF, Lynnwood or Hoover.
  • Data Analyst – 3+ years of experience in business intelligence and SQL. Must be based in SF.
  • Early Adopter Specialist – WO Media Sales1+ year of experience on WO Media Sales. Preferably based in Hoover. If not, should be based in another WideOrbit office.
  • Product Support SpecialistWO Media Sales 2+ years of experience in customer service or technical support or advertising/broadcasting industry.
  • QA Engineer -  4+ years of experience testing software. Must be based in Coppell/Dallas.
  • Release Engineer 3+ years of solid Desktop Support experience, SQL experience a plus.  Must be in San Francisco.
  • Revenue Accountant – 5+ years of experience in accounting. Experience analyzing contracts is required.

Send me your resume (aohlsson at wideorbit dot com) and I will make sure it ends up with the right people.


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