Wednesday, January 21, 2009

CodeRage III on YouTube

I have started putting 2-minute teasers from CodeRage III up on YouTube.

Watch them all here!



  1. Will the full seminars be available later on, or are you just a mega teaser :)

  2. All full videos have been available for some time from or

  3. I would have loved to watch some of the sessions *if* you'd offered them in a streamed format. Who have time to download and unzip one video at a time. Not me.

    Imagine if you had to download and unzip each time you wanted to watch a YouTube video.

  4. @Anders - We made a decision to provide zip archives as opposed to streams due to bandwidth constraints a while back. It is possible that we should re-think this.

    @Fabrizio - If I had a LiveMeeting recording that I needed to capture, I would play it back in LiveMeeting and record it using TechSmith's Camtasia. From there it's easy to render a 640x480 WMV to be uploaded to YouTube. If you're asking about these teasers - they're simply short recaptures of some of the sessions done the same way, as I did not have all CamRecs, but I did have all SWFs.

  5. Hi, can you tell us how to convert the recording of LiveMeeting into a video ?

    We in italy have quite a lot of recordings from the webinars and it will be very nice to have them on youTube.


  6. Hi,

    I think you had a great idea to upload 2-minutes videos on Youtube.

    I hope you also upload the Spanish versions Videos.


    (from Mexico City)