Sunday, January 25, 2009

Your place or mine?

As part of our Delphi outreach in the US and Canada, we would love to meet you and talk about all things Delphi and Embarcadero!

Are you a Delphi User Group in the US or Canada? (I've reached out to the ones I know of)

Do you have a few Delphi users in your company that would love to host us?

Do you know of a location we can use? Conference room? Library? Classroom?

What dates and times work best? Breakfast? Lunch? Evening?

Or would a Delphi Meet-up work better for you? First beer on us kind of thing in return for a business card? I've done a few of these in the past, and they're typically much less formal - usually chatting over a few brews, and no PowerPoint pitches beamed on the wall.

For example - we have an office in San Francisco. We plan on trying out a lunch meeting as well as an evening meeting to see what works best. If it's a success, who knows, maybe it'll turn into a monthly thing.

Of course we also have Scotts Valley - we're thinking that an evening meeting would work best here.

Send me your suggestions - and I'll compile a list of stops we will do.

PS: Other things are happening in the rest of the world. So don't worry, just because this is targeted at the US and Canada. :)


  1. that's great that you're doing developer days in the US... There are still delphi devs in the UK (and other parts of the world, I know a number of German devs) - any chance of us getting the odd day here & there?

  2. We are a Delphi shop in Rochester NY and are always eager to network with other Delphi users. We would love to host a Delphi Devlopers group.

  3. I'm located near Pittsburgh, PA and would love to be able to attend something within a three hour drive.