Monday, September 8, 2008

Install time: 22 minutes

I installed Delphi 2009 and C++Builder 2009 from DVD on my main machine (not a VM) in 22 minutes total, which breaks down as follows:

15 minutes extraction/install of main files for Delphi and C++Builder
1 minute Database Pack
2 minutes BOOST
4 minutes documentation


PS: Dell Precision M6300 /w 4GB RAM and Vista


  1. Seems like 18 minutes too long. Contrast the Eclipse IDE which I can download, and unzip in less than 4 minutes. The install step is 0 seconds with Eclipse. :)

  2. Will D2009 still copy all the setup files to my local harddisk? I'm asking because the SSD in my laptop is only 64GB, and I'd like to preserve space there ;)

  3. has D2009 and C++ builder 2009 installs been tested for trouble free side by side installation with Visual Studio 2008 SP1 ?

  4. Is it still necessary to activate Delphi online or have you started trusting your buying customers ;) ?

  5. @DAG - Delphi is a much more significant IDE then Eclipse as far as its integration into the OS. Eclipse is nice and all, but it doesn't do everything that Delphi does. Additionally Delphi is packaged with a lot of components, etc. that take time to install as well.

    @Koen - I believe it still uses the MSI technology, which automatically copies everything to the hard drive. As a plus though, it doesn't require the .NET SDK, which was a huge hard drive hit.

    @Daniel - I don't think it is so much they don't trust their buying customers as it is they don't trust the non-buying users. No activation would be nice though. I am with you on that one.

  6. Electronic Arts seems to have huge problem with their DRM (Online Activation), just look at those user reviews:

    While Delphi's activation is more sane than Spore's I really wonder how many people are set back by it. Having some non-paying customers might even help to reestablish the product.

  7. @Jim McKeeth: How did they get around the .NET SDK Requirement? Last I heard, Document Explorer (e.g. What CodeGear/Embarcadero is using for the help) isn't redistributable at all and only comes with the .NET SDK.

  8. Yes I think non-buying customers can help a product succeed too.

  9. @Daniel Lehmann - They licensed the document explorer separately. I can't find the reference where they mentioned that, but if you look in the list of prerequisites you will see it is no longer there, while the .NET Framework and the J# Runtime are both there.

    In all actuality, the J# Runtime is probably the only thing most people won't already have installed that Delphi 2009 requires.

    I can't find the reference, but I can confirm that at least in the Beta it wasn't required.

  10. @Tobias - Non-buying customers is a complicated case. If all of CodeGear's customers were of the the non-buying variety, then there wouldn't be a CodeGear. True, there are other business models involving free software, but we live in a free society where each business gets to choose their own business model, and this is the one CodeGear has chosen. So we can vote with our money and attention if we approve of their model. Or we can enact laws to change what is a legal model. As long as CodeGear has paying customers, and what they do is legal, then we will have Delphi - which I hope continues to happen for a long time.

  11. That's quite fast!
    Incredible improvement over older releases.

  12. Yes! it is faster a lot than 2007 version. :-)
    But it still occupied lots of disk space to save install file cache. :-(