Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Do you know someone that should be using Delphi and/or C++Builder?

Silly question! Of course you do!

Please let my buddy Sven, the DelphiSalesGuy, know right away!

The US sales team is eager to talk to you about Delphi and C++Builder 2009.

If you haven't received a call, and you'd like to talk to someone before buying, please send me the lead info (name, title, company, contact info) and I'll get it to our sales team.

Or, you could contact your Delphi and C++ Sales Guy - Sven Wetmore - who is the Senior Account Executive in charge of North American Delphi and C++Builder sales. He can be reached by email at or by phone at 831-431-5069.


  1. Let's see. I started in 1986 with an illegal version of Turbo Pascal 3. When TP6 came out, I bought it and basically upgraded all the way up to Delphi 2007 Pro. In 1995 I've tried to convince my employer to start using Delphi 1 for Win 3.11 development. Oh, the good old 16-bit times... My employer decided that PowerBuilder and Visual Basic were better solutions so I left that company. And within 5 years, the company went broke.
    My next employer developed in Delphi and they upgraded all the way up to Delphi 7. Then they decided to stop upgrading and moving to .NET. I left the company and within a year, the company went broke.
    My next employer kept developing in Delphi 5 and although I kept pushing for an upgrade they just refused. So I left that company and within a month it went tit-up. Flat broke, with my employer fleeing to Dubai to hide.
    My current employer still uses Delphi 6. When I advised them to upgrade to Delphi 2007, they listened and they upgraded a few months ago, just before 2009 hit the market.

    Looking at this pattern, if I would leave this company it will probably go broke within hours. So make me a good offer and I will tell them they need to upgrade to 2009 or else I'll leave. :-)

    Yes, I'm jinxed... :-)

  2. I notice you didn't upgrade to Delphi 8

  3. If Delphi would be able to use Torque Game engines then all game development should be performed on Delphi.

    BTW does CPP Builder support Torque?