Wednesday, September 19, 2007

"High speed" Internet at hotels

Is there anything more frustrating than sitting on what feels like a 0.0000000001 GBps line at a hotel?

Shelby, Mark and I spent the better part of the evening and night recording videos for 3rdRail and I'm trying to upload them as I type this. They're awesome videos and will serve as both internal training and videos for customers to watch. Thanks a million to Shelby and Mark for taking the time to sit down just before your well deserved vacations!

Oh, so back to uploading these things... The 72MB of sweet rockin' SWF files are estimated at 40 minutes to upload. That's almost longer than it took to generate them once recorded and edited. I'm almost afraid that it'll take longer because I'm blogging this. :)

Oh, and to top it off, stupid me only bought an hour access at the rate of 6 Euros and thought I'd be in bed by now. It's 4am in Berlin...

I'll have to get another hour, so that I can get them up before getting some sleep.

Hold please... :)


  1. I'm currently in Mainz and T-Mobile have an offer of 30 days for 19 Euros. Considering their normal rate is something like 3 hours for 15 Euros it's a great deal. The speed is fine too.

  2. Get a PCMCI wireless card. They are worth it for situations like that, although I'm not sure how they do internationally. I know they work get in most places in the US.

  3. I meant to say: I know they work *great* in most places in the US.