Thursday, September 6, 2007

I am going to be in Sweden. Want to meet?

Surrounding my trip to Berlin for RailsConf Europe 2007, I will be in Stockholm, visiting family. I will arrive on the 16th of September, then head for Berlin the afternoon of the 17th. Back in Stockholm afternoon of the 20th, and then head back to Scotts Valley the morning of the 23rd.

So, there's a little room in my schedule for meetups, or impromptu chats over beer. Possibly even in Gothenburg - a 4.5 hour train ride from my dad's house.

You tell me, fellow Swedes - what shall we do? Chat about RAD Studio 2007? Ruby on Rails? JGears? JBuilder? InterBase? BlackFish? Let me know.


  1. Sure thang. Sunday evening pub crawls are great fun to spend the Monday regretting :)

    Give me a call.

  2. Anders, The Delphi meetup group in Gothenburg has a evening meeting on sep 20:th in Gothenburg.

    We will be having dinner and talk about the latest progress for us Delphi programmers.

    We would be honoured if you could join us.

    More info at:

    If you talk to Fredrik Haglund he can give you my contact details.

  3. Magnus,

    Jag har inte fatt tag pa Fredrik. Kan du skicka mig ett mail till aohlsson at codegear dot com?