Thursday, September 20, 2007

Recording solution on MacOSX

Kirby asked in a comment on my 3rdRail video post what software I used to record the videos.

Don't laugh, but I (and others) haven't found anything much better than VNC to a Windows machine and use Camtasia, so that's what we did.

Feel free to share your thoughts on what we *should* use for Mac. The solution we have is far from perfect, but it does work better than other ones we have seen.


  1. You should know by know to come ask me about Mac stuff...

  2. I've seen some nice podcast recorded with iShowU.
    You can find it at

  3. David Dean is right, Snapz Pro X is really good for this stuff.

    The real pain comes with the post-video editing - iMovie seems to downsample everything from the original 1024x768 to NTSC/PAL. And then there's the fun of generating the Flash files...

    -- Ken