Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Lots of R&D blogs on RAD Studio XE3

Darren Kosinski has blogged about FireMonkey 2 Under The Hood Changes: Properties and FireMonkey 2 Under The Hood Changes: PlatformServices

Eugene Kryukov has blogged about Bitmap Styles in FireMonkey 2.0, DirectX 10 in FireMonkey 2.0 and Styles Performance in XE3

Jim Tierney has blogged about XE3 Visual LiveBindings: Link controls to component properties and XE3 Visual LiveBindings: Actions

José León has blogged about HTML5 Builder – Client Pages

Masahiro Arai has blogged about Are you ready for Windows 8? Here is Live Tiles for your Apps

Sergey Roschin has blogged about TAction in XE3 (Google Translate link)

Stephen Blas has blogged about RAD Studio XE3 and SQLite

Yaroslav Brovin has blogged about Scrolling images by hand, using FMX 2.0, Part 1 (Google Translate link)

All perfect homework fodder to chew on in preparation for CodeRage 7! :)

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  1. Can't hardly wait for CodeRage!

    Enjoying XE3 very much so far, thanks to all who worked so hard on it.