Thursday, February 23, 2006

Tool talk with DevCo

David Intersimone, VP of Developer Relations and Chief Evangelist, and Rob Cheng, Director of Products, was recently interviewed by ADT's senior editor, Kathleen Richards. I'd like to highlight a few quotes from this interview. Full article can be found here.

David Intersimone on on DevCo - "It is [a] profitable business in an area that is central to the world of software development."

Rob Cheng - "Not only is it a profitable business, but it is a business with real growth prospects."

Rob Cheng - "There is definitely still room for innovation and growth in the IDE space."

David Intersimone - "Last week we put up a trial edition of Borland Developer Studio and a Flash demo to get all those people that may be sitting on the fence or maybe are looking for more productivity to download it and try it."

And finally, I'd like to quote one entire question and answer:

ADT: "What does this divestiture mean for people using these tools?"

Intersimone: "It means that, one, they know that we are still here working; nothing has been stopped. Two, their investment in Delphi, in JBuilder, in their projects, million of lines of source code, in the whole ecosystem that surrounds JBuilder with Java beans components, with plug-ins, and open tools, the Eclipse community and all their plug-ins that work with JBuilder on Eclipse--we also have thousands of components for Delphi on Win 32 and for .NET--all of that investment is secure. The book authors, the trainers, the consultants, all of those things, all of those people and all of those companies--their investment is secure because we are moving forward, and this new company will be created, and we will keep focusing on our customers' success." (emphasis is mine)

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