Wednesday, August 28, 2013

WideOrbit is growing and hiring!

WideOrbit is hiring for the following positions at this time. Feel free to send me your resume and I will personally walk it over to the right folks!

  • Accounts Receivable/Collections Specialist3+ years of experience in collection. Based in SF.
  • Desktop Support Specialist – Junior – 1+ experience in help desk and enthusiasm in making IT a career. Based in SF.
  • Data Analyst – 3+ years of experience in analytics with knowledge of Tableau and SQL. Based in SF.
  • Delphi / Report Builder Developer – Experience in Delphi and Report Builder – Based in Hoover.
  • Implementation and Product Support Specialist – We’re looking for someone that has strong industry experience and technical skills. 50% travel required and must be based in SF or Denver.
  • Product Support Specialist – 3+ years of experience in cable network with strong computer skills and based in NY.
  • QA Engineer -  4+ years of experience testing software. Must be based in Coppell/Dallas.
  • Sales Director 7+ years of experience in pricing and planning within the cable network industry AND well networked within the cable network industry in New York.
  • Software Developer – Delphi – Software Developer with 3+ years in Delphi. Must be based in SF or Lynnwood
  • Technical Solutions Engineer – 3+ years of experience in IT with IIS experience and Microsoft certifications. Can be based in SF or Hoover.
For more information, please see

Looking forward to seeing your resume in my inbox! :)

Send it to aohlsson at wideorbit dot com


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