Monday, September 3, 2012

Thanks Australia and India!!!

Many thanks to our Australian and Indian crews for making my APAC Tour fun and rewarding!

Damien Bootsma and myself launched RAD Studio XE3 in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Anil Mahadev and myself launched it in Bangalore and Mumbai.

Thanks to everyone who came to the event. Lots of great conversations and interest!

Get involved!

If you're a Delphi Developer in Australia you should join ADUG - Australian Delphi Users Group - your local Delphi user group in Australia.

If you're a Delphi Developer in India you should join INDUG - India Delphi User Group - your local user group in India.

Thanks again to Australia and India!


  1. Anders... it was great seeing you back in india. thank you for the wonderful presentation.

  2. Hi Anders,

    We are glad you enjoyed the tour and helped us in launching the product here in India :) - Looking forward to seeing you soon for more events!

  3. Thanks to both of you! Great seeing you again! Say hi to Srivatsa for me as well!

  4. It is we Aussies that should be thanking you. That was a great demo. I very much appreciated the No Hype delivery (unlike all the spin and hype you see at Microsoft and Adobe launches). The new features of course sell themselves (please don't ever change :-) -- In a world where there is now so much marketing spin (and much to be disappointed with) thank you for steadily evolving this product (and doing the opposite to MS who continue to change the UI around and push everyone into revolutionary changes and the unstable bleeding edge). Bless you guys.

    I had no problems buying XE3 this week and installing it. Most of our industry where I work have not moved past D7 (believe it or not), but I think with XE3 things are going to change :-)

    Thank you for for visiting OZ and for XE3.

    PS. Graeme has released his FireMonkey XE2 book and sales are apparently going very well.