Friday, August 10, 2012

MathViz for Mac OSX is in the AppStore!

First FireMonkey app in the Mac OSX AppStore.

MathViz for Mac



  1. How did you manage to do that?

    When I try to submit my app I get the following message from Apple:

    "Missing DWARF data - Your app does not include DWARF data with architecture information in Contents/MacOS/MyApp . In your Xcode build settings, ensure that the debug information is set to "DWARF with dSYM" and that the list of valid architectures does not include PPC. "

  2. Dear Anders

    Can you please provide more details about compiler settings we should use to make Firemonkey app Mac App Store compatible? I have tried all possible combinations of debug information inclusion but still get ""Missing DWARF data" error from Apple. I even purchased your MathWiz for OSX to dig into it but it did not give me any idea.

    Thank you in advance.

  3. Hi Bob,

    Sorry I missed these comments. Glad I caught you on the NGs though. Debugging via email for now. :)