Friday, May 18, 2012

HotFix 1 is live!

MSI Installer for HotFix 1

ISO for HotFix 1

This hotfix address a lot of things, including the arm7 issue for iOS.



  1. Cool! will look into it first thing tomorrow (tired from long hours of coding today). From the description, really hope to get better performance on devices :)

  2. Very nice !!

    Did they make access to mainWindow ?

    Still your notes are good if you want to recompile things.

  3. And the nightmare continues.... now i can built for armv7, but not anymore for armv6 as the o file with FPC are not universal (one of my testing device is an iPod 2)

    I guess i will install again the older version and archive the the arm-darwin as arm-darwin-v6

    @roger: no, mainwindow is still in the implementation

  4. @Xavier that why i kept my old FPC dir :) 3 apps failed after the install. Put my old FPC back and the apps work on my iPod v1 :) old one.

  5. @Anders, Thank you for your Arm7 solution and Phil Hess else I would have left this for a while. hmm that could have been a good thing :)