Thursday, March 29, 2012

Who would pay $0.99 for my iOS app?

I've been hacking away at my EDN iOS app. Here are a few screen shots of what it looks like in development. I have a few things I need to polish and then I will submit it to the AppStore.

Technical details:

* Communicates with the EDN MemberShip Services DataSnap REST Server

* You can log in, view your details, edit your details and post changed details back

* You can get all your registered products and serial numbers

* You can choose to persist username/password or not

* Works on all iOS devices and all device rotations!

Maybe it's worth more than $0.99? Especially if you get the full source code... ;)

This is what my app looks like when you launch it:

[caption id="attachment_39242" align="alignnone" width="200" caption="Just need a password..."]Just need a password[/caption]

This is what it looks like when you fail to login:

[caption id="attachment_39241" align="alignnone" width="200" caption="Access denied!"]Access denied![/caption]

This is what my user details look like:

[caption id="attachment_39243" align="alignnone" width="200" caption="My user details"]My user details[/caption]


  1. Nice work.

    I been hacking away a lot last couple of weeks on IOS and hope to have an app up on Appstore soon. I trying to get all the threading things figured out :(

    I would say it worth $0.99 and with source ? :)


  2. I don't want to be "that guy" but I'll be "that guy" (:
    It's nice, but I can barely load a EMB website page(on a 150mbps...), and there aren't many useful things you can do with it really... maybe sell it's source for beginners?

  3. @Roger: If you get threads sorted out on iOS, let me know. I know we don't have TThread...

    @Dorin: No worries. I know the website has issues from time to time, but my iOS app is pretty snappy. The price tag was a joke. It'll be free of course. And the source will be published at some point... ;)

  4. Yes I let you know, Sem_Init etc seems not working so im trying mutex..

    pthread_mutex_init//etc seems to work so far.

    Well free is good but i click on a lot of buttons say donate and I had people donate to me.Time is worth a lot for some but most are so cheap or don't care. I donate a lot for things that actually work even if its free.

    /Dagens ord

  5. Only if that also includes the iphone to run it on. ;-)
    (I am using an Android phone so ...)

  6. It's completely depressing to me how "apps" have devalued the work of software developers. Yes, a few (very, very few) people get rich selling $0.99 apps, but I believe the vast majority of developers selling apps on stores such as Apple's don't even recover their costs.

    Would I pay $0.99? Of course. Amazingly, you'll run across people that think that's even too much to ask. :(

    Best of luck with it.

  7. I think prices on AppStore are ridiculous. Selling a techical app for 0.99 makes no sense. It's maybe ok for silly games... but that's all.

    I'd pay much more. What's a fifty dollar bill for a good piece of software? The only one that wins with this low price approach is Apple, that sells hardware loaded with cheap software.

    "@Roger: If you get threads sorted out on iOS, let me know. I know we don’t have TThread…" Are you sure Anders? I have a couple TTheads running OK! Only need to call Thread.Execute normally. Or is it just virtual?

  8. I'm running some TThread and it seems to work fine, I'm working on trying to multiple threadlocks and unlocks running lockcounts etc.


  9. I would pay .99c for it... if I didn't already have an Android version that does the same thing :-)

    Thomas and other Android users, if you're interested, send me an email ( and I can send you the .apk. Its currently alpha software, and I've not had a lot of time to spend on it recently. But it should be reasonably functional.

  10. Why only 99 cents? If I can use this app to log into EDN, sumbit my question on FireMonkey, and also get an answer, then I am willing to pay $99 for it!

  11. @Karu: I like it! I just might make an app like that... ;)

  12. Hejsan,

    Found the most stable for now was to use
    Enter .. etc


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