Saturday, October 29, 2011

An accelerating magnetic clock?

Sometimes you do stuff just because you can...

I spiffed up my Accelerometer component a little bit. I also wrapped up my Location based stuff into a Location component that handles both GPS coordinates, altitude and heading (true and magnetic).

What better way to test both of these components than my Clock app?

Believe it or not, the time is 11:17am in this screen shot. The 12-hour is pointing North. ;)

And I apparently leaned my phone so that the clock "fell" up into the top-right corner. ;)

Oh, and the second hand is the FireMonkey logo!

Wonder if anyone would buy this thing if I uploaded it as "Clock Pro" and put a $0.99 price tag on it. Source included of course!



  1. Where can I find this one? Has it been accepted in the appstore yet, and what is it called?

  2. Is it possible to get the source for the clock? I'm having troubles with basic drawing and it would be helpful to see an app that "draws" that also actually works.

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