Thursday, April 30, 2009

Your chance of getting into Delphi Live! 2009 for FREE is very high... least at the moment.

Since there are currently no submissions (that I'm aware of) to the video contest, your chance of winning is pretty much 100% if you submit one and no one else does...

So, get out your camera, and record a 30-second clip and submit it. :)

Feel free to leave a comment to give me a heads-up that you're working on one.



  1. Too bad the traveling and hotels costs are not covered. Not all delphi fans are US based.

  2. Very true. As a suddenly single parent of two, there is no way I can escape to sunny California for a couple of days of bacchanalian excess. Or for Delphi Live 2009, for that matter.

    Too bad.

  3. I've entered the contest! Here's my entry:

    Thanks for taking a look!