Sunday, December 7, 2008

CodeRage III - and a request

Thank for attending CodeRage III. It was a great success due to all of you!

I'm putting an APB out on a recording of the Opening Keynote. It appears that we had LiveMeeting audio issues before we even realized that we did. My monitoring (and recording) machine fell off a couple of times. I have most of it, but am missing some parts. I can edit it together, but I would love it if someone out there recorded the opening session and could send me a link to it.

Special thanks to Henning Swiboda who captured the whole closing keynote flawlessly!

Thanks again for being part of an awesome event!


  1. You guys should use Nefsis, which is new, far better than Livemeeting and it's written almost entirely in Delphi.

  2. It would be cool to showcase a cool Delphi based application / service with CodeRage. Nefsis looks cool.