Wednesday, July 16, 2008

TDUG Tiburon Preview

David and I previewed Tiburon at TDUG this evening. David showed generics, anonymous methods, Unicode support in VCL, etc. I showed the new and enhanced VCL components.

They had a good crowd of about 35 people show up for this special short fuse event:


Tim Jarvis came to this meeting all the way from Down Under. Now, *that* is dedication! :)

Friendly competition


  1. Some details on generics and anonymous methods (esp. in native context) would be very welcome!!

  2. I only have a Borland T-Shirt, and not yet have a CodeGear one. So now I start to wonder when I can add an Embarcadero one into my collection. :-)

  3. I was there and saw what was effectively the first public showing of the new Delphi - very cool!

    Anders bought us all pizza and pop as well, come back to Toronto soon Anders!

  4. Thanks guys. This was a great meeting.