Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Monja Master!

Fujii-san told me I am the first non-Japanese CodeGear person to dine on Monja.

But hey, why stop there? :)

Under Fujii-san's expert supervision, I became the first non-Japanese CodeGear Monja Master.

Mal, you really need to try this stuff. It's the bomb!

The Okonomi-Yaki was awesome too!


  1. You look like you've lost weight! Looks good on you. Post some more photos when the new shirts come out.

  2. Thanks Brion! I've lost some 80+ lbs through diet and exercise. My new hobby is road bicycling. I need to blog more about that as well, but you can find some stuff at http://www.myroadtofitness.com/

  3. Okonomi-Yaki? Oh Anders you're making me Natsukashii.

  4. Hi Monja master,

    To learn about monja, see this pls.



  5. David R. RobinsonJune 12, 2008 at 4:19 AM

    Wow! Anders I barely recognized you. You look great and I'm sure you fell 1000x better too. Great job!