Thursday, January 31, 2008

The 2008 Delphi Survey is live

Please take a little bit of time out of your extremely busy day and help us make the product you love better.

2008 Delphi Survey



  1. Please take a little time to make that survey easily fillable. It is like an IQ test now.

  2. I agree. Also, check my comments on Nick's blog about some other flaws in the current implementation.

  3. Just Delphi?

    What about C++?

  4. Just read the introduction.

    "Please note that this survey is directed at Delphi developers and thus contains very little C++Builder-oriented content. If you are a C++Builder developer as well as a Delphi developer, please take this survey from the perspective of your "Delphi side". We expect to follow up this survey with another one aimed specifically at C++Builder developers."