Saturday, August 11, 2007

My first 25 mile bike ride

I went for my first 25 mile non-stop ride today. The ride took me 2 hours flat. Of course, this area is very hilly. Some hills you climb at 5 mph and zoom down at 35-40 mph...

I've put 600 miles on my bike in the last 2 months. I think I can safely say that that's more miles than I've put on any bike in total in the last 20 years before that.

About one mile from home, on an uphill climb, this guy passes me and says "that'll get your heart going". I said "yeah, I'm a bit tired after 24 miles" to which he replies "that's like 50 miles on one of these"... Probably true, my bike is a piece of #$%^ - it's a 10 year-old Marin Bolinas Ridge weighing in at 30lbs (with water bottle, tools, etc).

If anyone wants to trade a real road bike for something, let me know. I've got a Borland leather jacket that's too big now that I've lost 80lbs for instance... :)

In case you wanted details on the ride. Start at CodeGear. Ride up Glenwood Dr all the way up to Hwy 17. Zoom down. Turn right on Bean Creek. South on Scotts Valley Dr, left onto Mt Herman, cut over to towards Green Hills and down south on Glen Canyon. Up north on Branciforte. Eventually back to CodeGear. 24.98 miles and 4 lbs of sweat lost. :)


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