Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The wonders of technology

I like my cell phone, the Nokia 6800, a lot. I like it so much that when it broke down after 4 years of service, I bought another one just like it off of eBay. Turned out to be brand new actually.

Stupidly enough, I never stored my contacts anywhere but in the phone, but luckily the old one wasn't completely dead. Of course I couldn't find my data cable for it either, so I couldn't transfer stuff over easily.

Ah, there's a "copy all contacts from phone to SIM" function. Perfect!

NOT! It copied each phone number as a new contact, so when I had 5 numbers for one person, it became 5 new contacts... No way of telling which one was which.

OK. So let's try IR... No way of copying all contacts via IR. Only one by one. Oh great...

Time to bite the bullet. Sunday, I went for an hour long walk. Took me about 45 minutes to copy over my 250 contacts...

Now I have carpal tunnel... Just kidding.

My manual copy program while walking:

enable IR on new phone
navigate to first contact on old phone
click 7 times to get to "send business card"
click "by IR"
click "All details" if needed
click send
flip old phone over to point at new phone
wait for two beeps by new phone
click view on new phone
click save on new phone
flip old phone back over
navigate to next contact on old phone
repeat 250 times

Luckily I was focused on my walk and on a phone in each hand, so I didn't pay attention to what people I passed thought about me...

Next on my to-do list: Get a data cable, save contacts on laptop (which I do back up).


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