Friday, February 18, 2005

It's a great day for pack rats

'Abe' fry sold for $75,100.00

Yep, you got it. The same guys who bought a grilled cheese sandwich for $28,000 have bought a French Fry to round out their $100,000+ meal.

I knew there was a reason I don't throw anything away. Well I do. Some stuff. Like stuff I know is trash. Maybe I shouldn't. My trash, someone else's trashure, er, treasure... ;)

If I ever have to move my office, I think a ton of stuff will end up on eBay. Who knows, maybe someone will pay $10,000 for a milk carton with a "Clippy" ad on it. Or maybe $25,000 for a roll of Sun Microsystems toliet paper (what marketing campaign did that one come from anyway?). I know for sure some people pay $500 for Apple T-shirts. Surely a Turbo Debugger knife is worth a lot more than that... :)

If you know anyone willing to pay a fortune for some junk, let me know. I've got an empty bottle of Hell Beer, and some dusted over never worn T-shirts still in shrink wrap if you want them too.

Who knows, I might even have some 2003 Borland calendars... :)

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