Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Delphi 2005 update coming...

Just wanted to let you know that we do have an update underway that will improve memory usage among some other issues that have been raised post ship. Thank you for bringing some of these to our attention, your early feedback has been very helpful. We expect to have this update available after Thanksgiving, sometime in early December. Although there are some common issues raised here in these forums, the majority of early customer feedback has been that Delphi 2005 is a high quality Delphi release with an amazing feature set. With more features than we ever put in a single release, there will inevitably be some bugs that come up that we need to fix and we're focused on keeping Delphi 2005 quality level up to it's feature level - the highest ever :o)

Thanks again for your feedback and happy holidays,

Originally posted by Michael Swindell on Borland's newsgroups


  1. It would be good ,cause now Delphi 2005 can't work on my system properly (256 ddr +athlon 1800+)

  2. When can we also expect the second update for Delphi 7? Will it be an important update that fixes most of the still open issues with this product?

    Than you

  3. My Delphi6 Pro locks up on soecific PCs when trying to run a Delphi 2005 ***.DPR project (WIN32). Compiler/linker settings are identical on all PCs.Does anyone have the same problem ?

    Thanks for any comment,


  4. Delphi 2005 tested today. Porting 140,000 lines of code from D7 to Delphi 2005 for WIN32 took 5 minutes !

    (Porting to .NET will be another business indeed)

    I noticed a heavy setup into of the central memory (especially Win32 projects), but with 1BGyte Ram on Athlon 2Ghz, once it's all set, it seems to work without any problem.

  5. Loading a Delphi 2005 (WIN32) project into Delphi 6 locks up the PC. But it runs fine on a Centrino processor (no hyperthreading). I am running P4-3000 processors on XP SP2.

    What happens if you load a D2005 Win32 (*dpr) project into Delphi 7 or 8 ???

    Does the 2005 upgrade address this problem ?

  6. If there's an option to turn off background compilation make it easy to find. I'm porting a largish (? 600 form) app and it's taking forever with the sodding background compilation everytime I change the dir settings.

  7. D2005 Venting!!

    Just use a single form and run it (WIN32/.NET). The Commit Charge increases by 3 MB on every run. That means, I could run the form roughly 500 times within the IDE, before running out of memory (P4-3000, 1024 RAM, Basic Commit Charge 347 MB, Max Commit Charge 1697 MB). Leaving D2005 restores 347 MB.

    What happens, if you really do start coding your App ? I can't afford this.