Monday, September 20, 2004

TeamB makes the local paper

In the middle of the annual TeamB conference (this time right after BorCon 2004) we had a photographer (Dan Coyro) from the Santa Cruz Sentinal show up and take a few photos for an article in this past Sunday's business section.

Link to Santa Cruz Sentinel article "Borland Bounces Back"

Dan gave me permission to share the full resolution version of these pictures, so here they are!

This picture was on the front page of the business section under the headline "Borland Bounces Back"

This picture was on the back page of the business section


  1. From the article it sounds like he thinks TeamB members are employees of Borland.

  2. Yes, please identify the people in the photos.

    Where is Peter Below in the Photo?

  3. I'll do my best.

    Starting from the tall guy on the left at the extreme rear, and going right:

    Gillmer Derge, Dave Nottage, Bill Todd, Joanna Carter, Lori Olsen, Wayne Niddery, David I, Yorai Aminov, Marc Rohloff, John McGrath, Mike Williams, Deepak Shenoy, Nick Hodges.

    Now starting from the guy in the black jacket and light top on the extreme left:

    Andrue Cope, Alisdair Meredith, Harold Howe, Damon Chandler, (a bit of a gap) John Moore, David Orriss, Craig Stuntz, Thomas Maeder, Brian Bushay, Chris Uzdavinis, Remy Lebeau (a huge gap next) Kurt Barthelmess.

    2nd to front row:

    John Frazier, Anders Ohlsson, Tad Frysinger, Paul Furbacher, John Kaster.

    The two at the front are someone I can't recall the name of :-/ and Boz Elloy.

  4. Nice picture ! Hey, we're all getting old !!!

  5. Fantastic! My brother's practically monosyllabic when you ask him about his holidays (rather different on the subject of C++Builder :-)) so now I can send this to our parents and show them what a great time he had (look at that grin - you'd think he *liked* C#!!)

    P.S. Delphi Diamondback looking rather good. No doubt baby bruv gnashing his teeth waiting for you guys to put C++ back into it, but hey, I always liked languages with words in 'em <grin>

  6. George Paolini, vice president and general manager of developer tools

    Boz Elloy, senior vice president of software products

    No, they didn't sit in the back the whole time. It was the photographer's idea to have everyone turn around and look backwards.