Friday, August 6, 2004

BorCon 2004 Math Excercise of the Day

As John's article points out, you can buy Delphi 8 at BorCon 2004 at 2/3rds off. Software Assurance on this deal is mandatory. And this will guarantee you a copy of the next version of Delphi!

To fully understand the magnitude of this extraordinary deal, I hereby offer the following math problem:

D8+Dnext = 1/3*D8 + SA

This gives:

Dnext = SA - 2/3*D8

We also know that:

SA = 0.3*D8

Substitution gives:

Dnext := 0.3*D8 - 2/3*D8 = -0.37*D8

With D8 = $3,000 we get:

Dnext := -$1,110

Is that a deal or what?

1 comment:

  1. Hi Anders,

    I was never good in school, so...

    You mean that I'll receive $1,110

    when I'll order D_next?

    Just kidding!

    It's a good deal!

    Saulo I. Regis

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