Friday, July 9, 2004

Skype - P2P VOIP (Internet Telephony)

Skype works a million times better than MSN Messenger when it comes to voice communication.

It's free, high quality and encrypted.



  1. Well Skype works well on a good connection but seems to go silent for one side or the other, when conditions are less than ideal.

  2. Skype has one major disadvantage when you work behind a firewall / proxy server, IT DOES NOT WORK !

    Unless you can modify the firewall to let other traffic over port 80 then http.

    Sometimes this will be a pain in the b*tt. Because this is where a firewall is meant for.

    I really hope that they will use another port then 80.

    I am affraid that it will be rejected by a lot of users this way.

  3. Sorry, have to disagree with Rody. I have Skype. It works fine through a firewall -- and my firewall is *very* securly locked down. It even accepts calls (obviously using a proxy/3rdparty host somewhere. see for a good techie explanation of skype's P2P implementation).

    Skype rocks. I made an international Skype-2-Skype call from my broadband connected PC to a 56k modem PC and it was crystal clear with very low latency.

    I can recommend it to everyone!