Sunday, April 18, 2004

Santa to elves: You're fired!

It seems that everybody is trying to make fun of "The Apprentice" these days. Seems like a good opportunity for some blogging on a Sunday morning.

Santa to elves: You're fired (CNNmoney)

I don't know about you, but I've heard stories about Santa Claus living in Norway, Sweden, and even in Scotts Valley...

And now Finland. None of these places are of course at the North Pole.

Maybe this is a failed attempt at outsourcing. Ya just can't do anywhere else what's gotta be done at the North Pole. ;-)

Or maybe it failed because Santa Claus is an idea that's in everybody's head and you can't put it in one specific place, especially not in the Finnish Arctic. Who wants their soda pop and cotton candy to be frozen solid?

Oh, Scotts Valley... The road outside Borland is still called Santa's Village Road. I've got a ticket to the theme park in mint condition if anybody wants it. Very cool souvenir. :-p

BTW, Donald Trump is trying to trademark the phrase 'you're fired', so please feel free to contribute to my legal defense fund just in case. ;-)

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