Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Delphi 8 doc update teaser

According to credible sources, Delphi 8 update 2 is going live sometime before the end of this week - most likely some time tomorrow.

Around the same time, there will be an additional documentation update that will significantly improve the Delphi 8 documentation, help features, and your experience as a Delphi 8 developer.

Some of the highlights of the doc update:

   Reflects the contents of Delphi 8 update 2
   Added a Help on Help topic
   Navigation improvements, especially for PME lists (properties, methods, events)
   Added more content for ECO

Keep in mind that even though you probably could install the doc update on a system that has Delphi 8 with no update or with update 1, you should update the product first to update 2, and then install the doc update.

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